Yoga for the Yough: One Way to Relax When Everyone Else is Losing Their Calm

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There are many creative ways to raise funds for the streams in the Yough Watershed, but perhaps one of the newer waves is “Yoga for the Yough.” Check it out on our Events Page. It will be a great time for a great cause!

The benefits of yoga are widely known, but why are more people practicing yoga than ever before?  It could be that stress levels have reached new heights!

Some people use yoga to focus, others to open their minds. Yoga can heal your body while making your body hurt.   Most, I would have to assume, do yoga because they feel it is beneficial.  “Wellness” is the number one reason people do yoga. Many yoga studios provide different styles of classes and teachers, allowing a practitioner to find their comfort zone before expanding on to other avenues for improving mental and physical health. Yoga classes are held in many nearby communities including Uniontown, Ligonier, Greensburg, Ohiopyle, and many other locations. Finding a class within close proximity to your home or work will help reduce making excuses to not attend.

I started my yoga practice to become a better kayaker. Over time I noticed it was working. My wife has had a dedicated daily practice for many years and is now a yoga instructor. Even my 4 year old son does yoga. I attend Yogi Wade’s donation class at the community center in Ohiopyle every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30pm. The atmosphere is casual. He has a sense of humor like no other, which may allow you to mentally escape the 90 minutes of hard work. Yogi Wade will always help you modify poses to fit into your practice while providing positive encouragement to push yourself to improve both mentally and physically.

See you on the mat!