Water Quality Monitoring

We conduct extensive water quality monitoring throughout the Indian Creek and Yough watersheds at over 50 locations.  This information is important for establishing baseline water quality, identifying watershed threats, and protecting public health.

Swimmable Waters

We conduct E. coli sampling at popular swimming locations around the watershed (this program is expanded during the summer months).  Data are available on the The Swim Guide for the public to use in making decisions about where to engage in contact recreation in the watershed.  Visit our Swimmable Waters page to learn more.


Yough River Comprehensive Water Quality Monitoring Project

We have recently completed a comprehensive monitoring initiative in the Yough basin.  Through this project, designed with assistance from the United States Geological Survey, we sampled for over 30 parameters at 18 sites throughout the watershed, from Oakland, Maryland downstream to the mouth of the Yough in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.  We sample on the main stem of the Yough as well as on all of the major tributaries.

krissy sampling

Laurel Highlands Monitoring Project

We are currently conducting monitoring with instream dataloggers, small devices which once installed take water level, total dissolved solids (TDS) and water temperature measurements every 15 minutes.  We download this data to a laptop computer for analysis.  MWA has placed 28 dataloggers throughout the Youghiogheny River basin, and we’ve partnered with several other organizations to bring the total number of dataloggers throughout the Laurel Highlands to over 70.  Dataloggers provide valuable in documenting baseline TDS levels and are very effective in identifying pollution from shale gas wells.  Contact Carla for more information.

MWA staff downloading datalogger information